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Do You Really Need an Attorney?

Before you decide to represent yourself, you must confer with an experienced marital & family attorney.  After you explain your circumstances, he or she can advise your if you should consider representing yourself.  Under certain circumstances, you may qualify to file a Simplified Dissolution action.  We can direct you to the forms and procedures you need to follow if you qualify.  Simplified dissolution actions require that both parties cooperate and agree to appear in court.  If you and your spouse can’t work together, you don’t qualify.

Even if you don’t qualify for a simplified dissolution, you may still represent yourself in a standard divorce case.  Only an experienced attorney can tell you if that’s possible.  Generally, it is not wise to represent yourself.  Consult with an attorney before you even consider it.

Additional information on Simplified Dissolution can be found in Chapter 4 of Florida Divorce Handbook, which is available in your library, most book stores in the state, or through  Make sure you are reading the recently issued 6th edition.

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